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From: Terrance MacDonald
Subject: Brandon and Alex 10 This is the third story that I’ve written to completion (assuming
that I complete it) and one that I’ve given a great deal of thought over
the last couple years before finally sitting down at a keyboard so others
could potentially enjoy it. My first writing was `The House on Lora
Avenue’ (May 26, 2006) and the second was `Chris and Aaron’ (June 01, 2006)
which are posted in the High School section. The two main characters in
this story are based on a couple guys that I once knew, however everything
except their physical descriptions is purely fictional (and Brandon and
Alex were not their real names either). So far as I know, these two boys
never really did anything at all like search young kid lolita what will be described in this story,
in fact the boys the descriptions are based on did not even know each
other. This story involves sexual situations between teen and pre-teen
boys, so if lolitas bbs nude pics you aren’t supposed to be looking at things like this wherever
you live or this makes you squeamish, please leave this story/site now
and/or move to a place where things like this are acceptable. Once again, I would like to thank my good friend, Mike Arram for
being my editor and proof-reader on this story, as well as another friend,
Dave that has been offering some really helpful assistance. Like the other stories I’ve written, this is set in a magical land
where there are no STDs, so you won’t be reading about condoms being used
except in this disclaimer. This is not meant to imply that I am advocating
the practice of unsafe sex, quite the opposite actually - please take
precautions and protect yourself, there’s a lot of shit out there that can
kill you or make you wish you were dead. This chapter is also dedicated to my sweet things fashionable lolitas
auto mechanic, who I seem to
be attempting to make very wealthy lately, all by myself. It is not
however dedicated to the Lincoln/Mercury division of the Ford Motor
Company. In fact, I strongly advise anyone buying any car with a high
performance engine in it to make sure that it’s a design that they have
been using for more than two years. Comments and feedback are certainly welcomed and encouraged to be
sent to t_macdcomcast.net.* * *Brandon and Alex Chapter Ten Michael drove home with a strange aura about him. It was almost
euphoric. He pulled up in front of the two story red brick and white wood
home where he lived with his parents. It wasn’t as impressive a dwelling
as Paolo’s, and certainly not so much so as Bobby’s. It had something that
neither of theirs had to it though - a feeling of love. He felt a little
sad for Bobby. He had never search young kid lolita met Bobby’s parents, but what he could tell
about them from the look and feel of the house (he didn’t even really think
of it as a home like he did his own), as well as what Bobby had said during
the day made him feel that they were rather cold and unemotional,
particularly where Bobby was concerned. Michael pulled into his driveway with twenty minutes to spare
before dinner. This was good because he knew he needed a shower badly -
both from the chlorine in the pool and the sweat that he and Bobby had
worked up after their swim. He reached into the back seat of the Mustang
for his shirt and shoes to take them into the house with him. His t-shirt
was there, but his tennis shoes were not. Then he remembered leaving them
on the floor in the entry hall at Bobby’s house. `Oh well,’ he thought to
himself, `at least they’ll be safe there.’ Michael entered the house, and quickly ran upstairs to his room.
As he went, he heard his mother call after him, “Michael, dinner is in
fifteen minutes.” “Okay mom,” he called back. “I’ll be ready; I’m just going to take
a quick shower. I went swimming this afternoon.” Michael pushed his bedroom door shut behind him and dropped his
shorts off. He noticed that there was a small wet spot in the crotch where
Bobby’s cum had started to seep out search young kid lolita of his hole. He picked the shorts up
from the search young kid lolita floor and dropped them into his hamper. `It wouldn’t be cool ls magazine russian lolita
mom noticed that spot,’ he thought to himself. Five minutes later, Michael stepped out of the shower and dried
himself off. He ran a towel over his short auburn hair, loli bbs free pics getting it pretty
much dry before brushing it, then wiped a little antiperspirant under his
arms. cute little lolitas posing
He grabbed his electric razor and gave it a few quick strokes across
his face, even though he didn’t think he needed to. Michael splashed a
little cologne on before leaving the bathroom. He pulled a pair of boxers
and dark socks out of his dresser and slipped them on. Then he stepped
into a nice pair of blue jeans from his closet. Finally he pulled a yellow
polo shirt over his head, slipped his feet into a pair of tennis shoes,
tightened the laces and tied them, then ran down the stairs to the dining
room to join his parents for dinner. He was only a moment or two late, his parents having just started
on their salads when he sat down at the table. “You’re late Michael,” his
mother scolded him. “Sorry Mom, I thought I had plenty of time,” Michael said as he
glanced at his watch. It was 6:32. “You know we sit down to dinner at 6:30, Michael,” his father said.
“Just try to be more punctual in the future.” “Sorry Dad, I must have taken more time than I thought getting
dressed.” His mother spoke again, “Well you do look nice this evening
Michael, do you have a date later?” She smiled at him as she asked. `If she only knew,’ Michael thought. What he said though was “Yeah
mom, I do.” To tell the truth though, he didn’t know if he did or not, but
he hoped Bobby would be able to go out with him tonight. He had really
fallen for the boy, and hoped with all his heart that this relationship
would work out better than what unsencsored young lolitas nymphets
he had thought he had with Paolo. When the family had finished dinner, Michael helped his mother
clear the table and load the plates dark lolita bbs links into the dishwasher. Then he went up
to his room to call Bobby on his cell phone. When Michael called, Bobby
had just finished clearing the table from his own dinner.* * * Since Bobby’s parents were so rarely home, he had actually become a
rather good cook he thought to himself. Bobby’s father was a lawyer and
his mother was a psychiatrist, both very prominent in their fields. They
stayed very busy in their careers though, and were away from home a great
deal, either traveling for their jobs or at dinner parties and the like
when they were in town this evening. Most of the entertaining that his
parents did was at the country club where the entire family were members,
but which Bobby had rarely visited. Even though Michael had told him that he was going to call after
dinner, Bobby was surprised to hear the phone ringing in his room as he
finished cleaning up the kitchen. Bobby ran upstairs and grabbed his phone
just before it went to voice mail. dark lolita bbs links “Hello?” “Hey Sweetness,” Michael said to him. “Wow,” Bobby replied. “Sweetness, I like that. I really didn’t
expect you to call me back this quickly though.” “I told you I was going to call you after dinner,” Michael said,
sort of disappointed that Bobby hadn’t believed that he would. “Can you
come back out?” Michael asked, hopefully. “I don’t see why not. My `rents aren’t home yet, but it is a
school night, so I have to be back early, okay?” “That won’t be a problem,” Michael told him. “I have an early
practice tomorrow, so I can’t stay out late tonight anyway.” “When will you be here then?” Bobby asked. “Give me half an hour, okay?” “Deal.” As Bobby hung up the phone, he heard what he could only describe as
the Voice of Doom echoing through the house. “Robert dear, we’re home,”
his mother called out from the bottom of the stairs. Bobby came out of his room and looked over the railing of the
balcony into the living room below. “Is that you Mom?” he called back. “Why, whom else would it be?” answered his father, stepping into
his view below him in the living room, a freshly mixed martini in his hand.
“Come down here and greet us properly son,” he added in a distantly
commanding dark lolita bbs links tone. When Bobby got downstairs to the living room, his mother was still
behind the bar, pouring herself dark lolita bbs links another martini from a pitcher that already
had a sizeable dent in it considering the scant few minutes that his
parents had been home and the time it would have taken to fix the pitcher.
“Did you have friends over today, Robert?” she asked. Bobby was slightly panicked. Had he or Michael done something to
upset the decor of the home while they had been there? Had Steven or
Carson done something before they had left for the park? Why had his
mother asked about that? “Um, yeah Mom, I did have a couple friends over earlier,” he
answered. He wasn’t about to lie, but he wasn’t about to tell the whole
truth either. “Well one of them must lolita bbs russian forbidden have forgotten his shoes,” his mother
pointed out into the entry hall as she said this. Bobby looked where his mother was pointing and saw the tennis shoes
that Michael had left there next to his own. `Shit,’ Bobby thought. `How
am I going to explain this?’ He thought it would be better to stay as close to the truth as
possible though. “Oh, those must be Michael’s. He’s on one of the teams
at school and was over swimming laps with Steven, Carson and me today. He
must have forgotten to take them with him when he went nude underaged lolita photos home.” Bobby hoped
his parents wouldn’t pry any farther into who Michael was. “Well, is he coming back to get them?” his father asked. `Shit,’ Bobby thought. Then he remembered that Michael was on his
way over. “Yeah Dad, as a matter of fact, he’s on his way now.” “Well that’s fine then,” his father said lolitas bbs nude pics as he walked back to the
bar to pour himself another martini.* * * Michael pulled up in front of Bobby’s house, but couldn’t get into
the driveway because of the large Mercedes sedan that was parked very
awkwardly across it. He pulled his car up next to the curb, loli bbs free pics walked up the cobble stone
path to the front door and rang the bell. He wasn’t exactly prepared for what greeted him when the front door
opened. There stood a very striking blonde woman in an equally striking
cocktail dress. She had a martini glass in her hand, and was obviously
just a little tipsy. “Oh, you must be Michael,” she said. “Yes Ma’am, I am.” Michael didn’t know what else to say. This
woman had to be Bobby’s mother, the resemblance was clear. “Robert is upstairs, dear. Are you just here for your shoes?” As
Bobby’s mother said this, he suddenly remembered the pair of shoes that he
had left there earlier. “Well yes Ma’am, that’s part of it,” Michael said. www nasty lolitas org
“I sort of
thought that Bobby, er, Robert and I were going down to the beach this
evening too.” “Of course you are dear, let loli bbs free pics me call him down. Robert! Your
friend is here!” she called out, looking up toward to balcony above them as
she did so. Bobby came out of his room and ran quickly down the stairs and
pulled on his shoes. “I won’t be out late Mom,” he said as he grabbed Michael’s arm and
led him off the porch and away from the house towards his car. Once again, Michael’s shoes stayed on the floor in the entry hall
as they left.* * * “You’re sure that’s the right code?” Paolo said into the phone.
“It better still be good tomorrow,” he added. “It is, but what do you want it for?” the voice on the other end of
the line asked back. “None of your business,” Paolo answered. “You just better keep
your mouth shut about who you gave it to if you know what’s good for you.” The boy Paolo had been talking to on the phone knew all too well
that he cute little lolitas posing had better keep his mouth shut where Paolo was concerned. He was
curious though what possible reason someone like Paolo could have for
wanting the password to get into the administrator account for the school’s
web site.* * * Brandon and Alex awoke together, almost as one. As they opened
their eyes they looked at one another with a sense of longing. Alex
reached down and found that his lover was hard. “I see you’re ready,” Alex
said, laughing slightly. “Oh yeah,” Brandon said back. “I’m ready.” Then he reached for
the little bottle of lubricant they had been using. As he squirted some of the slick liquid out onto his fingers, he
noticed that the bottle was nearly empty. Brandon figured that he had
better make this count. He had no idea where they were going to get more -
that is unless they asked Paolo, and Brandon didn’t want to do that if he
could possibly avoid it. The episode with Michael that morning and
Michael’s warning to them as he left made him very leery of becoming
indebted to Paolo. Alex lifted his legs and Brandon started working the lube into his
lover, getting him ready for what they both wanted. They were in luck, and
the last of the lolita s slutty preteens bottle supplied just enough for him to spread on his dick
after he had finished getting his partner ready. Brandon lifted Alex’s legs up, and after Alex grabbed lolita s slutty preteens the backs of
his knees and pulled his legs up farther, Brandon started to press himself
into Alex. Alex pressed back against him, willing Brandon to enter him.
They didn’t repeat all the positions they my asian angel lolitas had tried earlier - neither had
the stamina for it at this point - besides, they had to get up for school
the next morning, and so Brandon still had to go home. cp lolita gallery free They knew they were
about to be separated, so they made the most of their sexual encounter,
short as it was. Brandon made love to Alex hard, fast and furiously. It was only a few minutes after they had finished, and lying in the
bed next to each other when the phone rang downstairs. dark lolita bbs links
It was Brandon’s
mother on the phone calling to say he needed to get home. Paolo relayed
the message to the boys, who he found laying naked in bed together after he
opened the door to Alex’s bedroom without knocking. The way he looked at
them made Brandon just the slightest bit uneasy, but after being reassured
by Alex that he would be okay, Brandon slowly dressed and left to go back
next door to his own home. Brandon was uncomfortable as he dressed though, sensing that
Paolo’s eyes were on him the entire time. He never actually looked up to
check, but he somehow knew that Paolo was watching him closely as he was
dressing. Before he left Alex’s bedroom, Brandon went back over to his
lover and before he kissed him goodnight, he whispered to him “You call me
if he tries anything with you. I don’t trust him, Lexy.” Alex kissed Brandon back and told him not to worry.* * * Comments and feedback are welcome at t_macdcomcast.net (I will
/try/ to all answer e-mails sent to me, but please realize that my job
requires me to travel a great deal, so it might lolita bbs russian forbidden take a while and I don’t
promise to answer everyone), flamers will be ignored by me, but will meet
with an untimely and horrible demise as the result of the curse of the old
gypsy woman who lives across the lake from me, and has inexplicably taken a
liking to me. Anger her at your own risk.
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